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The origins of the name "Wrexham" may possibly be traced back to this period.

Renewed Welsh and Viking attacks led to a reduction in Anglo-Saxon power in north Wales from the early 10th century.

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In a variation (really more of a Failure Gambit Gone Horribly Right), the person will fail at the initial task as planned, but somehow manage not to accomplish the hidden goal that the failure was supposed to yield. If the initial failure would be getting in trouble with the authorities, see Can't Get In Trouble For Nuthin'. For when one doesn't even try to do anything but ends up winning anyway, see Wins by Doing Absolutely Nothing.

The person is now doubly cursed, as they now have to deal with the fallout from their planned failure without being able to enjoy the rewards of the goal they were actually striving for. Compare Fake-Real Turn, with "fake" and "real" replaced with "failure" and "success" respectively. Reassignment Backfire is similar where one sends a person they don't like or is expendable on a dangerous or impossible mission with the hopes they'll be killed in action, only for that person to come back alive and successful.

Historically part of Denbighshire, the town became part of Clwyd in the year 1974 and since 1996 has been the centre of the Wrexham County Borough.

At the 2011 Census, Wrexham had a population of 61,603, the fourth largest urban area in Wales.

Sky provides television and broadband internet services, fixed line and mobile telephone services to consumers and businesses in the United Kingdom.In contrast is the Xanatos Gambit, where the planner is perfectly content with the success of the first part of the scheme the second part. Not to be confused with Gone Horribly Right, where a person does succeed rather than fail, but that turns out to be a bad thing.Also not to be confused with Epic Fail, which is when an unintended failure happens in such sheer magnitude that the failure becomes impressive in and of itself. Crossing it twice is always "better" than crossing it only once.In these cases, the meta-fail was a result of trying too hard. For one going for success and succeeding despite thinking he won't, see And You Thought It Would Fail.

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